Near You - was a huge challenge for me. I produced it myself and after the first recording I chucked it out and started again. 

Great friends that helped- Recorded and mixed at Big M Studios , Crows Nest, by Dave Anderson, Guitar, Bass and Drums by Ash Rothschild (Caligula, Demonatrix, Panic Syndrome) an old mate from V days. I played a bit of guitar on the track too. 

Brian Mitra from Fremantle studios  WA found me on unearthed and did my final mix, vocal FX and mastering. Worked with Methyl Ethyl and Kev from Tame Impala.

Near You - MrHarvey
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 Recorded and mixed at Big M Studios,Sydney / Audio Engineer - Dave Anderson

Produced,written and Vocals by Nathan Harvey

Guitar by Ash Rothschild, Dave Anderson and Nathan Harvey   

Drums and Bass Guitar by Ash Rothschild

Mastered, Vocal FX and additional mixing - Brian Mitra / Fremantle Studios

"I Like It Easy"

I' m back with I LIKE IT EASY! 


I just woke up one morning with this song in my head” It literally took me only 2 hours to write and the response from friends and family, especially my Mum, encouraged me to fast track it straight away into the studio. Basically this is just a song about me!

Recorded at Big M Studios,Sydney and Magnus Murphy, Brisbane

Audio Engineer - Dave Anderson / Produced by Nathan Harvey and Magnus Murphy

Written, Vocals and all Instruments Performed by Nathan Harvey

Mastered by Magnus Murphy

"Brand New Day"

Debut Single by Nathan Harvey

This song is about the crazy state of society today and in particular the way depression and suicide is so common these days. I had a horror year in 2015 in which I went to 7 funerals including my one and only Grandparent I'd ever known who lived to be a hundred. 4 of these people we're friends of mine that sadly took their own life! It's an upbeat sounding song but with very serious lyrics which was intentional. Hope you like it !

Brand New Day - as heard on North Side Radio. Triple M and nationally on the Austero Network. No 3 on the Triple J Unearthed Charts

Iron Hayden, Austero Network - Brand New Day

Recorded at Big M Studios,Sydney / Audio Engineer - Dave Anderson /

Produced by Nathan Harvey and Ash Rothschild /

Written and Vocals by Nathan Harvey /

Guitar, Drums and Bass by Ash Rothschild /                                             

Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studios 301

No 3 On JJJ Unearthed!

JJJ Announcer Review

Busk For A Cure (Cancer) - Newtown

Tamworth Country Music Festival 


I Like It Easy 

I take the farthest park in shopping malls 
And I’ll back down from  a fight
I don’t like sms I call 
And I stay up late at night
I like it easy 
An easier life for me 
Why the hell should I work 5 days
When it’s easier working 3 
I live in a modest granny flat 
The landlords as nice can be 
I always pay my rent on time 
And I mow their lawns for free 
I take the train into the city 
Don’t drive a flashy car 
When a woman tries to get close to me 
I love her from afar 
I like it easy 
An easier life for me 
I focus on my happiness 
Not on the money tree
An easier life for me 
I don’t get hyped by the latest hype 
I do what I do for me 
I’ve got a bunch of friends I call my best 
My families super close 
They’re the ones that pass the toughest tests
The ones I value most 
I like it easy 
An easier life for me 
When your life boils down to just one thing 
It’s your friends and family 
An easier life for me 
I know just where I’m going now 
And I go forth happily 
I like it easy, easy 
I like it easy 
An easier life for me 

Brand New Day 

Every time I hear them say 
Every day's a brand new day I smile 
Every time it goes away
I'm searching for that brand new day a while. 
Cant seem to find my smile

Every time I go outside
I turn around and go inside again
Looking out at all those faces 
Trying hard to figure foe from friend
Myself can I defend


Need a place 
Need a place that's full of friends 
When we live and love and care about our neighbours. 
We can learn to live again.

When you pass the mountain snowing 
When you see the river flowing round
High above the smoky delta
Looking for a place to hunker down
No shelter to be found

Need a place 
Need a place that's full of friends 
When the minds of techno science
meet the angels
We can dream about an end.

Dream about an end to wars
End of all the crazy laws an end 
End of cringing in the night
End of people dead with fright my friend 
Time to take my hand

Need a place 
Need a place that's full of friends 
Learn to live the truth and not the fable 
And be happy once again 
Happy once again 
Happy once again 




We used to sit up until all hours 

We used to wake up for midday showers 

Us two 

Me and you


We used to watch the sun set and rise 

Now different lives you can't meet my eyes 

So what's new ? 

I ask you ? 


Why can't you say ?

How are things with you today ?

I can't hear you 

Hear you 


Why walk away ?

Got nothing bad to say

When I'm near you 

Near you 


Don't it seem so strange ?

That we each look another way 

Like we're trapped in a little cage 

And we can't even rearrange 

How we feel now 

Feel now 


We hung around the old grocery store 

Each telling tales taller than before 

Were they true ?

Not a clue


Now that we're older I'd like to see 

How things are going, are you still happy ?

Feeling blue 

About you 


Why can't you see ?

That there's nothing wrong with me 

I can't read you 

Read you 


Why don't you try ?

We can laugh until we cry 

Like we used to 

Used to 


We used to be best friends 

Used to say it was till the end 

Now we can't seem to say a word 

I'm confused and my thoughts are blurred 

When I'm near you  

Near you 

I can't hear you 

I can't feel you 

I guess I'll see you ?

But I guess I won't. 

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